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Development applications

Including any residential development, commercial and retail, offices, shopping centres, wineries, restaurants, industrial complexes. We also prepared supporting documentation to R-Code variations and town planning scheme variations.

Town Planning Schemes

Including scheme amendments, rezoning, recoding applications, local planning scheme and strategy reviews, local planning policies.

Site Analysis

Including detailed site analysis and town planning risk assessment, including due diligence reviews and an assessment of development potential, land use options and land use permissibility, preliminary development or subdivision plans.

Subdivision Applications

Including freehold (green title), survey-strata, vacant strata and built strata. Conservation rural subdivision and farm consolidation.

Structure Plans

Including urban design, local structure plans and local development plans, activity centre plans, subdivision guide plans, design guidelines.

Specialist Services

Including services for local governments covering statutory or strategic planning, process review, policy development etc. Crown land issues, including road closures and reserve purchases.

More About Our Services

Development Applications

A development (or planning) application is required for most new development and for any change of use.

Our experience extends to include any residential development, commercial and retail, offices, shopping centres, wineries, restaurants, industrial complexes. We also prepared supporting documentation to R-Code variations and any town planning scheme variations.

Whether it is for a new land use, new business, residential housing project, industrial development, our application lodgement and management processes seamlessly handle the process for you.

TCP can guide you through the pre-application process, documentation, lodgement, deal with objections and follow the application through to the determination, taking the stress out of what is often a complicated and highly regulated system.

Subdivision Applications

If you are interested in subdividing your land you will often need the services of a town planner as well as a surveyor.

Subdivision applications are made to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and include freehold (green title) subdivision, survey-strata subdivision, vacant strata titles and built strata titles.

The requirements to address the State policy framework is complex and often needs a great deal more guidance than simply lodging a plan of subdivision.

TCP can guide you through the application process, documentation, lodgement, deal with public agency submissions and follow the application up through to the determination by the WAPC.

Our experience includes all types and scale of subdivision including residential estates through to battleaxe subdivision and boundary realignments; commercial and industrial subdivision, conservation rural subdivision and farm consolidation.

We can also prepare or coordinate a range of supplementary matters such as subdivision guide plans, local development plans, management plans that are associated with the process.

Town Planning Schemes

TCP can prepare local planning scheme amendments, rezoning, recoding applications through to preparing a new local planning scheme and local planning strategy reviews. We are also experienced in drafting local planning policies.

Structure Plans

Our experience in preparing local structure plans and local development plans, activity centre plans, subdivision guide plans, design guidelines is extensive. We have the in-house capability to undertaking this

Site Analysis

The first stage in most projects is to undertake a site review and potentially formal due diligence analysis. This may involve the assessment and compilation of all relevant strategic and statutory town planning consideration that may affect the site. Based on TCP’s experience an outline of probable issues, development contribution costs and development risks can be identified.

Specialist Services

Our general planning experience allows us to extend our offering to include a wide variety of statutory and strategic planning research, process reviews, policy development etc.

TCP can also assist with Crown land issues, including road closures and reserve purchases.

Appeals and Advocacy

If you want to appeal a development or subdivision refusal or approval conditions you could either lodge a reconsideration request with the determining authority or appeal the matter with the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).

TCP regularly attends mediation session at SAT, which can save money but also take a more pragmatic, negotiated based approach with local councils, as opposed to going straight into a formal hearing. We find that this is particularly effective, cost-effective and helps retain good relations with the council for future dealings.

Our other services include assisting in preparing public submissions and presentations to the Council.

Community Engagement

Our staff skills and experience in conducting comprehensive and inclusive public engagement processes and place making. This experience includes working with teams on strategic projects made up of complex and diverse client groups and joint venture arrangements including state / local government, government agencies, service providers, private experts, business and community groups.

TCP has experience working with a variety of community groups and other consultants to ensure achievable outcomes for all stakeholders. We have established a strong rapport with regional agencies and State and Local Government which ensures that a more efficient and well-informed planning process will eventuate. We have had diverse experience with aboriginal and European heritage matters, as well as other sensitive community concerns, and have ensured through community engagement that positive outcomes prevail.

Services for Local Government

Do you have difficulty locating qualified planning staff or finding staff capacity to take on larger strategic projects?

TCP has considerable experience in the town planning industry and backgrounds in local government. We can provide a range of professional assistance to local authorities, including:

  • Undertaking on a contractual basis the assessment and reporting of complex subdivision and development applications where the Council does not have the required expertise.
  • Undertaking Local Planning Scheme reviews and amendments;
  • Preparing Local Planning Strategy and reviews;
  • Creating and reviewing strategic plans, research projects, submissions and strategies;
  • Creating and reviewing local planning policies;
  • Urban Design services for subdivision and structure plan design;
  • Undertaking planning process improvement reviews;
  • Preparing and undertaking community consultation and community engagement workshops; and
  • Providing advocacy work for State Administrative Tribunal appeals.

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