If you want to appeal a development or subdivision refusal or approval conditions you could either lodge a reconsideration request with the determining authority or appeal the matter with the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).
The Planning and Development Regulations opened up the opportunity to extend approval timeframes, allow for conditions to be reviewed and to allow minor changes to the approved plans. TCP has found that this has introduced significant time and cost savings for our clients.
Did you know the that the SAT is more informal than the conventional court’s system, where the emphasis is on seeking a mediated outcome in 90% of the cases, rather than heading down the expensive hearing route?
TCP regularly attends a  mediation session at SAT for clients, which can save money but also take a more pragmatic, negotiated based approach with local councils, as opposed to a formal legal challenge. We find that this is particularly effective, cost-effective and helps retain good relations with the council for future dealings