In Western Australia, property information such as land zoning is listed on a property’s zoning certificate, which can be obtained from most local government councils for a fee. These certificates are often included in the background to the contract for sale, but should only be relied upon if recently dated, as zoning and planning controls can change.
The planners at TCP can quickly source information on any site within Western Australia, find out what uses are allowed on that site, and whether there are any potential problems such as flooding. Here we’ll share a few of our most commonly used free resources.
Landgate Property Enquiry
A good place to start is with Landgate. It covers all of Western Australia and provides title and property information such as Lot and Plan numbers, land size (which should be verified with a survey before a development proceeds).
Plan WA
This is prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission and also covers all of Western Australia. It lists planning constraints such as regional and local scheme zoning, (some) flood-prone land, state planning policy and identifies structure planning areas.
Enter the property address in the search bar, wait a few seconds for suggested addresses to appear, then click the correct address.
Local Council Mapping Systems
Sometimes a property may not appear on the above search, perhaps if a site was a “deferred matter” when the local council created their Local Environmental Plan and is therefore covered by an older planning instrument. In cases like this, check the local council’s website for a mapping system. For example, Gosford Council’s mapping system is located here and includes both the current LEP and the older zones.
Local Planning Schemes and Strategies
Some councils don’t have an online mapping system; in this case, you will need to refer to the planning maps published on the Plan WA website.
This also contains all adopted Local Planning Strategies and Local Planning Schemes across Western Australia. Sheet maps of all local planning scheme maps are available, but they are not interactive.